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Heberlein® Splicing and Cutting Unit

This splicing and cutting unit for staple fiber lines simplifies the handling of single tows at the start of spinning or when stringing up. The new tow which is to be strung up is spliced with the general tow in the vicinity of the single spinning position and then cut. By using the splicing and cutting unit, the string-up process is shortened, the quality of the string-up process is no longer dependent on the operator and difficulties with off-take in the processing of the tow that follows (drawing) are reduced; quality improvement with a simultaneous reduction in costs.

Heberlein® Cutting Head l100

These cutting heads are built into the thread-path of spinning and other textile machines. They simplify operation, reduce yarn waste and increase productivity. The head is capable of cutting technical filament yarns, staple fiber tow and carpet yarns up to a maximum 100,000 dtex total count at processing speeds up to around 8,000 m/min.

Heberlein® LufanStat-Cut l100

Cutting aspirator units are built into the thread-path of spinning machines and simplify the operation, reduce waste, and increase productivity for technical filament yarns and staple fiber tow.