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We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent.



DM&E Corp

DM&E Corp


DM&E is the largest manufacturer of tow cutters, tension stands and radial blade cutter reels in the world, with installations on every continent.  Tow cutter capacities range from the smallest laboratory cutter to 25 tons/hour.  DM&E cutters are in production today manufacturing staple with cut lengths as short as 1.5mm or as long as 200mm.  Fibers range from polyester and polypropylene to aramid and liquid crystal polymers.  Each installation is custom configured to optimize investment and productivity.


DM&E began nearly forty years ago repairing radial blade cutter reels.  This work progressed to the release of tow cutters specially designed to meet each customer’s requirements.  In 1999 DM&E assumed the Tow Cutter Division of Lummus Industries and continue to offer enhanced models of the familiar Mk4 and Mk5 tow cutters.


Twenty years ago the need for a quality crimper maintenance supplier with process knowledge became apparent.  Today DM&E provides crimper repair, modification and replacement parts for all makes of tow crimpers. New components exceed original manufacturer specifications and worn parts can be returned to new condition.  DM&E’s extensive process knowledge and engineering resources means quality goes beyond just replacing parts.   In addition to servicing customers worldwide with their existing equipment, DM&E manufactures several specialty crimpers with some operating as fast as 1000m/min.


In-house testing can qualify customer fiber requirements on cutters and crimpers.  Cutter and crimper samples are readily scheduled and even limited production runs are possible.  DM&E’s engineers are available for in-plant staple fiber process analysis and seminars, spinning, drawing, cutting and baling.


DM&E’s relationship with Fi-Tech spans several decades.  Fi-Tech sales representatives are available with DM&E products in Mexico, Europe, and the USA.